Talk, Panels and Portfolio Reviews at CAFKL Online 2020!

UNNAMED co-founders and members are once again making an appearance in this year’s unique CAFKL digital festival. Here’s a list of events that UNNAMED has had a hand in organising, alongside CAFKL’s schedule.

CAFKL’s schedule; this year it’s held over two weekends.

Co-founder Memai is running a booth in the marketplace!

Most of the UNNAMED founding team will be reviewing portfolios of emerging creators during the event.

Co-founder Rob is presenting a special edition of his TED talk ‘ Telling Stories Without Words’ with a live Q&A on the first Saturday.

On the first Sunday, we’ll have the first of our panels, Long Form Webcomics in Southeast Asia, moderated by comics scholar and editor CT Lim and with Ann Maulina, Eurika Gho, Erica Eng and Reimena Yee as panellists.

And on the second Sunday, we’ll have the panel The Value of Research in Storytelling, moderated by Reimena Yee as she engages in a conversation about research, cultural appropriation and responsible creativity with acclaimed creators across multiple disciplines, like Charis Loke, Asa and Hanna Alkaf.

See you there!

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