unnamed connects artists, writers, editors, gallery curators, publishers, and educators to introduce the Southeast Asian comics scene to the world stage.

unnamed seeks to bridge the gap from artist to public, regional to international, and home to country. We strive to engage in outreach efforts across industries, build a support network for creators, and develop programs to push the comics scene into its fullest potential.

Originally established in 2013 by a ragtag group of artists (headed by Sarah Joan Mokhtar and Reimena Yee), unnamed began as an online Facebook group to bring together the Malaysian comics community for networking and information sharing. Since then, it has grown to embrace our neighbours, from Indonesia to Philippines, and is ready to make its mark on the world.

unnamed was, and still is, run by a core team of volunteers, but the soul of it is comprised of the passionate people who are our creators.

Our Mission

We want to cultivate the positive growth of the regional comics scene.

For our creators, this means providing them with the latest industry trends, encouraging their craft, and promoting their work to bigger audiences. We are motivated to help creators, so we offer them our support through our programs, like providing free space at our ambassador booths in regional and international comic cons, or creating career opportunities. We consider ourselves a supportive, professional bunch!

While we take care of our creators, we also engage in outreach. We are partnering with both regional and international bodies to improve perception for Southeast Asian comics and present our talent to the world stage. We organise panels, talks and workshops to open up comics to the public. Our comics are good, and we want everyone else to know that!

Our Vision

  • A creative, vibrant and dynamic comics industry in Southeast Asia, built and sustained by local creators and publishers.
  • An increased appreciation in the Southeast Asian public for the craft of comics - which is part of the literary arts.
  • Acknowledgement of comics (or graphic narratives) as vital to the intellectual and emotional health of its readers.
  • Presence of comics in schools, libraries, galleries, and public spaces.
  • Production of high-quality (creator-owned) comics, and production of a supportive environment - especially in terms of financial compensation and editorial/legal support.
  • Distribution of Southeast Asian comics into international markets, like Japan, China, Europe and America.
  • Partnership with regional and global comics publishers, embassies and cultural organisations.
  • Increased diversity of storytelling, that is fearless, messy, colourful, spicy, and unashamedly Southeast Asian.