Introducing the 6 amazing artists who will be joining us in our workshop!


Appolonia's comic-making journey began as a young curious kid needing an outlet to tell her stories. Beginning from middle school with stick figures, she continued making zines from scratch through her teens as her appetite for reading webcomics and graphic novels grew. The project Appolonia will be bringing to the workshop is a story about Loni, a young spirited witch from the make believe lands of her ancestors. With only an incomplete map in hand and a head full of unanswered questions, she begins her quest to find the cartographer. Her work can be found online on Instagram.


Cathlyn is a self-taught Indonesian comic artist from Jakarta who is steadily building her body of work by doodling her vivid dreams online and creating short self-published comics, with an ultimate goal of diving deep into a long-form series. She’ll be developing the passion project of her dreams at the workshop called “Blanket Forts”, a coming-of-age fantasy series that centers on a warehouse where humans and creatures of various dimensions work together to run an inter-dimensional delivery service. Her drawings can be found on Instagram at @cathsplat and @cathsplatdreamlog.


Chin Yew is a self-publishing mini-comics powerhouse who has also been published in Liquid City Volume 2 by Image Comics. He recently compiled his Patreon-funded diary comics into a graphic novel titled “Avant-Garde”, which shares a shelf with Volume 1 of his graphic novel series “I See So Many Butterflies”. At the workshop, Chin Yew plans to work on an autobiographical comic exploring the various dialects he knows as a Chinese-Malaysian and how it correlates to his early influence in avant-garde music which laid the foundation of his art style. You can see more of this work on his website.


Cross is the resident artist at Theo Collabo, an artist-writer duo established in 2018. Despite being a new team, they proceeded to net the title of 1st Runner Up in the Malaysian Comicker's Challenge with the romantic comedy "Chap Goh Mei" the same year. She will be bringing along the project “The Library Of Curiosity” to the workshop, an on-going tale where a high schooler struggling with her studies stumbles upon a magical library within the busy and chaotic streets of Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown. Her comics can be found on the Theo Collabo website.


Maya has dabbled in comics since university, where she joined a Comic Club for 3 years and created two travelogue comics that detail her adventures in Barcelona and Rome. She is a native of sunny Kuala Lumpur, and she will be bringing her project “My Time in Corporate Hell” to the workshop, a story about a newly graduated wizard who moves back to Hell to find work but to no avail, until their father who works in the joss paper industry offers them a job.  You can find her work on her website and Instagram.


Nadiyah Rizki Suyatna is a freelance comic artist based in Bandung, Indonesia. With her growing passion for visual storytelling, she makes art which is close to her heart. Earlier this year, her collaboration comic was featured on Vice Comic Week along with other Southeast Asian comic creators. She’s currently working on a graphic novel about the friendship of two girls as an attempt to locate the commonality in diverse Indonesian culture and connect the past and present. Her works can be found at nadiyahrs.com.