Will there be more events like this in the future?

We hope so! Unnamed is mostly a community that exists online though we have explored avenues to carry out offline events as well. If you’d like to be informed about our other activities when they’re announced, do follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


What’s up with the short timeframe for applications?

It’s all about timing really: the opportunity to organize this workshop appeared about 2 weeks ago with a very short deadline for execution, so instead of letting a great opportunity pass us by, we decided to dig in to make it happen. We promise (fingers crossed!) that the next workshop we organize will have a longer deadline!


Why is this workshop conducted in Malaysia? I want one in Vietnam!

Most of Unnamed's founders are based in Malaysia, and the workshop this time was initiated by Charis Loke and graciously sponsored by Rimbun Dahan. We would really love to have more activities like this spread over Southeast Asia, but we’re limited by our funds, sponsors, and manpower. Rest assured that we’re working on it though!


Can artists who are not citizens of a SEA country apply?

Short answer: no. We are hoping to build networks amongst SEA-born comics practitioners, preferably those who are still citizens of their country of birth. These are voices which are sorely lacking in comics, especially in the international comics scene, where those who represent us are usually from the SEA diaspora. We would like to give time and space for these voices to develop, and a platform to reach a wider audience.


Why is this workshop conducted in English?

Mainly because it’s the most common language of communication amongst SEA countries (cough*Colonization*cough). However, participants may choose to work in any language they’re comfortable with for the projects they’re bringing to the workshop.


Is this workshop suitable for beginners?

Not exactly. For this workshop, we’re looking for artists already familiar with the comics medium and have some experience making comics of their own because let’s face it, we have very little institutional support for emerging and established comic artists in this part of the world.


Who are the guests who will be part of this workshop?

We’re still in the midst of getting their confirmation, but rest assured that they’ve got the chops we’re looking for. Spoiler alert: As much as we’d love to fly some people in, we’ve decided to feature an all-Malaysian lineup this time around (due to budget and time constraints). We’ll be revealing who they are as soon as we can!


Can comic writers apply for this workshop too?

Yes they can! However, we will prioritise applications from individuals who do both the writing and artwork for their comics (artist-writers).


What kind of projects can I bring to the workshop?

We understand that there’s only so much we can do for a 2 and a half day workshop, but we would like you to bring along your most ambitious comic project to share at this workshop - be it a comic you’re already working on as part of a personal compilation of short comics or the script and concept sketches for a 300-page epic. This is just the beginning of what we at Unnamed hope will be a long and fruitful process.

I draw comics in a certain style, can I still join?

Don’t worry, we’re open to all styles and genres of comics (except, you know, the stuff you can’t really share in public or with your grandma). What we’re really interested in is the medium of comics and the crafting of a good story.


Why must I send in a ‘letter to Charis’? Why not a form with a link to my portfolio instead? Also aren’t you kind of copying the format used by the Comic Arts Workshop?

We wanted to keep it kind of loosey-goosey, so the last thing we wanted was to sift through walls of text with dry details of everyone’s achievements. Also, portfolios are good for getting jobs, but this isn’t exactly a job, is it? What we really want is to get to know you and why you love comics and do what you do, without the conventional structures. And why yes observant reader, Max is an alumni of the Comic Arts Workshop, and he liked the application format so much he figured he’d tweak it a little and use it as a homage. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all.


Hey! I can’t find the answer to my question here!

Whoops, sorry! Please drop us a line at unnamed.asiateam@gmail.com and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can!